Okay, Cupcake!

Among many crafts I make, I consider the art of cooking quite a complex craft.  I took a cooking course when I first moved out of my parents’ house, assuming that having my own kitchen meant finally being able to prepare foods that *I* liked.  I can’t say that I’ve been making home cooked meals very often… I just hate cleaning up afterward.  However, what I do spend some time on is baking.

Baking is very easy.  Just measure the ingredients, whip them together, and set it in the oven.  Most of the time, clean-up is minimal; just wash the mixing bowl, measuring cups, and spatula, and TA DAAAAA!  About 30 minutes after something goes into the oven, out comes something soft and gooey and absolutely delicious.

And of course, no kitchen nor baking task would be complete without an apron.

Why yes, that is an apron that is both cute *and* useful!

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