And the circle is complete

So much for trying to reviving the website and keep myself motivated to post about my craft creations!

Well, it’s not too late to start again.  It’s a new year, and I have new exciting ideas floating in my head that just needs to come to fruition.  And then when that’s done, I also need to take pictures and write about them as if they are insightful and have a deep meaningful connect to life…

Or, we can just look and coo about how cute they are.  Either way works!

Last year, I took a ring making class at a bead store just down the street from my place.  It was a good way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, and it was relatively easy to learn how to make wire wrapped rings.  For a little while afterwards, I was obsessed with getting beads and making rings.

I eventually came to the point where I made so many rings, there was no way I could wear them all.  Not even if I wore a different ring every day of the week.  And when you are working an office job where typing takes up 90% of the work day, rings can really hamper the 90-words-a-minute style.

So, I sold the one on the left, and gave all my friends and co-workers some of the creations.

And then I was happy because I got to share my creations and they were delighted about it, so I was delighted about it.  Crafting brings people such joy.

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