She’s a black cat hanging ’round my doorstep

Partly inspired, partly plagiarized, I created some resin accessories based on the new Jack’s Mannequin album “People and Things”.

At the end of October last year, I once again saw my Hero 1.2 live in concert.  He was as brilliant as always; to support the band, I bought some merch and one of the items was a song book of lyrics and art designs that represented each song on “People and Things”.   This particular hair clip image was from “My Racing Thoughts”.  It is not my favourite on the album, but it does have a really good line “She’s a black cat hanging ’round my doorstep.”  The mechanical cat is probably my favourite image from that book.

Using the same image, I also made earrings, a necklace and a second set of hair clips to give to my best friends.  I wish I had taken pictures of those, but they were given over the Winter Holidays already.  At some point, when they wear them out in public, I will get an opportunity to take pictures of them.

In the meantime, I have my own clips to remind me how amazing and inspirational Andrew McMahon’s lyrics have been.

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