Free Bird

Inspired by the birds at Bloedel  Floral Conservatory, I had a little bird spring up to liven up my short hallway.

I have had the green canvas painted for a long time, and the original canvas was actually on a much larger frame.  My original idea was to have the bird inside a cage, but I couldn’t seem to make the cage look right.  Then, when I used some wires to make it pop out in a more 3D feel, it got too busy with the feathers and the wires.   Then, the bird looked really small and lonely on the large canvas, so I cut it up and now it’s pinned to the wall in a rather thrifty fashion.

Now, it’s simply a bird on a small canvas with no frame,  but it still catches the eye.  I saw Tobiko sitting and staring up at it for a few hours last night.

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