Building a Dollhouse

Back in December of 2010, I picked up a few toys and souvenirs from Beijing.  Of the little knick knacks I bought, one of them was a  small sized dollhouse.  A little over a year later, I finally get the motivation to take the package apart and start putting it together.

First step was to number the pieces, so after they are punched out, I can still have an idea of where they are supposed to go.

As I am making sure I am numbering the pieces right… I started counting as well, and that’s when I realize I am MISSING A WHOLE BOARD.

The set was supposed to have 10 boards, but I only had 9 in the package.

So now the dollhouse is missing a side wall, a piece of the front wall, and a balcony fence.

I am so pissed at the manufacturer.  This is what happens when Chinese factory workers work 16 hour days, seven days a week.

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