Tick Tock

I’ve been a little busy lately, so a lot of my craft projects have fallen to the wayside.  However, with the days getting darker earlier and earlier, and the cold winds are sweeping the land, I suspect that pretty soon, all I’ll want to do is hibernate in my cave.  Then, lots of craft projects will finally see their completion.

Last weekend, I went to an art auction to support a friend.  There were quite a few fantastic items up for bid for the live auction, and plenty of interesting things up for silent auction.  I bid on a few things, and was outbid by most of them except for a “Creative Package” that was up for grabs.  I made the first bid and the last (winning) bid as well.  I actually thought I was just bidding on the book making kit and the World’s Smallest Post Service kit, but it turns out it came with a few gift certificates too.  I was pleasantly surprised because now I have gift certificates to use for some craft shops around Vancouver.

So maybe I won’t be hibernating all that much during the winter, after all.

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