Paper Buses

A while ago, I was doing some research on paper crafts (for my design portfolio, if anyone was curious) and came across a blog entry from the Buzzer on paper buses.  The entry was from 2009, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to contact them to see if they still have them available, and if not then at least an online version I could print and make myself.  To my wonderful surprise, the Jhenifer Pabillano (Buzzer Editor) responded and said she had some available for me to pick up at the Translink Head Office.

Woo hoo!

Translink Fleet


Right now the fleet is sitting on my office desk waiting to be transported home.

Bus 01

As a daily user of Vancouver’s public transportation system, these are so utterly fascinating.

Bus 02

Bus 03

Bus 04

Bus 06

Bus 07
Skytrain 01

Skytrain 02

Skytrain 03

Skytrain 04

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