Foam Core Gazebo

I’ve been posting quite a bit lately on the jewelery I’ve been making and stepping away a bit from the dollhouse fascination.  I think it’s because I have a lot of architecture projects on the go lately and I wanted to finish them before making posts.  One thing that I’ve been working on is the class project for making architectural models.  I’m learning how to build models from foam core and the process that goes along with it.  It’s great to be able to work with my hands and have a design pop up from what used to be a flat sheet of foam core and glue.

Gazebo with Lighting (7)

Gazebo with Lighting (2)

Gazebo with Lighting (6)


Ikura Earrings

Continuing with the sushi and jewelry trend…



They were originally meant to be tobiko, but then I got lazy and rolled the little spheres too big so now they’re ikura.

Glass Bubble Baubles


I had a few of my glass bubbles left from a Winter Holiday craft workshop and an abundance of miniature knick knacks that haven’t yet found their way into my dollhouses, so I decided to do some experiments with them.

I also made them with my colleagues in mind, so each piece inside is reflective of their interests.  All the pieces inside were handmade except for the shoe (Barbie shoe).

They turned out pretty well for an experiment.  Everyone was delighted and have them hanging up in their cubicles!

Design Experiment

A part of my design project was to design some components to be used in a public space.  I did some drawings, but during the process, realized that I should draw on my 3D/spatial strength and played around with polymer clay to make the following:

Bench 01


Bench 02





Bike Rack

Bike Rack

This was definitely more conceptualization than it was the final product. (more on that later)

Tick Tock

I’ve been a little busy lately, so a lot of my craft projects have fallen to the wayside.  However, with the days getting darker earlier and earlier, and the cold winds are sweeping the land, I suspect that pretty soon, all I’ll want to do is hibernate in my cave.  Then, lots of craft projects will finally see their completion.

Last weekend, I went to an art auction to support a friend.  There were quite a few fantastic items up for bid for the live auction, and plenty of interesting things up for silent auction.  I bid on a few things, and was outbid by most of them except for a “Creative Package” that was up for grabs.  I made the first bid and the last (winning) bid as well.  I actually thought I was just bidding on the book making kit and the World’s Smallest Post Service kit, but it turns out it came with a few gift certificates too.  I was pleasantly surprised because now I have gift certificates to use for some craft shops around Vancouver.

So maybe I won’t be hibernating all that much during the winter, after all.

New Fascination

I’ve been sucked back into the world of Lego.

The modular building concept was so fun to put together.

The details are amazing for what can be done with a few plastic pieces.

And the interior is just too cute for words.

Lego has won the battle for my paycheques.