Life in the Modern Cage



After another year at the West Coast Dollhouse Miniature Show & Sale, I had a lot of goodies to work with. 

House of Memories Past


A place to rest

In addition to my Perpetually Clean Bathroom, I’ve managed to fill in the rest of my dollhouse.

The TV in the attic was my own creation, as was the kitchen furniture.

The final touch will be a piano in the living room, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.  I’m not sure if I want to order one online or make an attempt at carving one out myself…

From my dungeon to the world…

I suspect that I’d spend a lot more time at home if my house looked like this:

It’s empty now, but the dollhouse/miniature show in Vancouver/Burnaby is coming up, so I don’t expect it will stay empty for too long.

And if no furniture, then ten cats will be calling this house their “home”.

Rome wasn’t built in a day… and neither are houses

The little things I have been working on have come together in a big (and miniature) way.

My books have been put on bookcases.  And my orb chair has just the right place in what was previously an empty room.

This reading room is 1:12 scale.

A Perpetually Clean Bathroom

The outside of my newly assembled dollhouse looks nice and pretty, but what good is an empty house?

Tiling the bathroom floor took hours.  I really like the way it ended up looking with the tiles, though.

The best part about this spacious bathroom is the fact that I never have to scrub the toilet or deal with mildew.

Paint and Assemble

I’ve finally finished painting the dollhouse and assembly after that was a breeze.

The only thing I forgot about was how paint adds volume to the pieces and had to shave a bit off the joints to make them fit properly.  Lessons are learned by doing, so now I know for next time.

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