Ikura Earrings

Continuing with the sushi and jewelry trend…



They were originally meant to be tobiko, but then I got lazy and rolled the little spheres too big so now they’re ikura.

Glass Bubble Baubles


I had a few of my glass bubbles left from a Winter Holiday craft workshop and an abundance of miniature knick knacks that haven’t yet found their way into my dollhouses, so I decided to do some experiments with them.

I also made them with my colleagues in mind, so each piece inside is reflective of their interests.  All the pieces inside were handmade except for the shoe (Barbie shoe).

They turned out pretty well for an experiment.  Everyone was delighted and have them hanging up in their cubicles!

Sake Nigiri Ring

Salmon Nigiri Ring 02

Salmon Nigiri Ring 01

This is the first of my experiments for food made from polymer clay.  It didn’t turn out too bad, but the “fat” definitely isn’t white enough.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Design Experiment

A part of my design project was to design some components to be used in a public space.  I did some drawings, but during the process, realized that I should draw on my 3D/spatial strength and played around with polymer clay to make the following:

Bench 01


Bench 02





Bike Rack

Bike Rack

This was definitely more conceptualization than it was the final product. (more on that later)

Tobiko USB

My sister-in-law likes to look at knick knacks but hates to keep them.  She says they’re more things to dust so she doesn’t own items that don’t have some sort of function.  This is in complete contrast to me.  My home is a museum of sorts.  Basically, if I were to drop dead suddenly one day, my family might be able to make my collection available to some museum of modern history to showcase what kind of frivolous crap that a 21st century woman with a disposable income might keep in her home.

Anyway, the reason I explain the above is because my sister-in-law’s birthday was a few weeks ago and I was wracking my brain for something to give her that was more than a $25 gift card to Amazon.  I had plenty of items in my collection for ideas, but nothing really stuck until I could find something functional.

At the time I was thinking up gift ideas, I was really hungry and craving Japanese food, so the following ensued:

Sushi USB 02

Sushi USB 01

With Dropbox (and various other cloud drive options) being available for transferring files, it’s not as useful as it would have been years ago, but it still does serve some function! This is a better option than giving it to her as a paperweight!