Avocado Necklace

After making the avocado earrings, I decided to make a matching necklace.




I found that it was actually harder to make the necklace because it’s a bigger piece, which makes it harder to control the shade.

Tamago Necklace

My mind keeps wandering back to sushi…


Tamago Necklace 02


Ikura Earrings

Continuing with the sushi and jewelry trend…



They were originally meant to be tobiko, but then I got lazy and rolled the little spheres too big so now they’re ikura.

Glass Bubble Baubles


I had a few of my glass bubbles left from a Winter Holiday craft workshop and an abundance of miniature knick knacks that haven’t yet found their way into my dollhouses, so I decided to do some experiments with them.

I also made them with my colleagues in mind, so each piece inside is reflective of their interests.  All the pieces inside were handmade except for the shoe (Barbie shoe).

They turned out pretty well for an experiment.  Everyone was delighted and have them hanging up in their cubicles!

Avocado Earrings

More food for thought (in jewelry form):

Avocado Earrings 01

Avocado Earrings 02

Sake Nigiri Ring

Salmon Nigiri Ring 02

Salmon Nigiri Ring 01

This is the first of my experiments for food made from polymer clay.  It didn’t turn out too bad, but the “fat” definitely isn’t white enough.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Design Experiment

A part of my design project was to design some components to be used in a public space.  I did some drawings, but during the process, realized that I should draw on my 3D/spatial strength and played around with polymer clay to make the following:

Bench 01


Bench 02





Bike Rack

Bike Rack

This was definitely more conceptualization than it was the final product. (more on that later)

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