A Flying Cat I Call Coco

This project idea has been spinning around in my head for several months now.  It wasn’t until last month that I lucked out at a dollar store and found the black cat to fulfill this idea.  This is why Halloween season is awesome!

Flying Cat 12

Flying Cat 09

Only minor surgery to sew the legs into a “flying” position and cutting up the back to insert the wings was needed.

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Crafty Avocado Stuff

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from someone who had come across my Avocado Earrings and Avocado Necklace.  She had been looking for something avocado related and was in quite a rush because she was leaving the country soon and wanted to give something to her boyfriend.  (Awwwwwwww!)  She was looking for avocados because it was something they shared between them and something they both loved (Double awwwwwwww!).  Although the originals had already been given out as gifts, I had some extras (and that is why you never waste craft material!).  So, the earrings turned into keychains and the necklace turned into a rear view mirror decoration.

Anyway, when I met with her to exchange the goods, we had a conversation about avocados and her search for crafty ones.  She’d mentioned that she tried to find a plush avocado and wasn’t having any luck.  I ended up poaching the idea and did some experiments.

Avocado 03

Now, the stuffed avocado was cute and all, but what was I going to do with it?

Avocado Wristband 02

Since I’ve been working with leather, I had a few pieces of scrap from my projects.  It was a very simple process of attaching the avocado to the leather band and now it’s a useful pincushion!

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Reusing a Reusable Bag

A colleague of mine had a reusable bag where the straps broke and she didn’t have much use for it anymore.  She knew I was crafty and passed it on to me to “do something with it”.  Ever the craft supplies hoarder, I took it in without quite yet knowing what to do with it… until one day my drafting supplies fell out of the flimsy plastic bag I was carrying them around in, and thought that the broken owl bag would be perfect to fashion some sort of big pencil case.

But I’m a procrastinator, so I didn’t get around to actually whipping one up until the past long weekend.  It turns out it was incredibly easy and it took me a total of less than half an hour to put it all together.

Owl Bag (1)

Owl Bag (2)

Owl Bag (3)

Owl Bag (4)

Now all I have to make something to take care of my T square.

Storm in, storm out

Summer in Vancouver is a wonderful time.  Despite the fact that I’m not an avid fan of intense heat, the weather gets everyone out and about.  I leave my house and get myself into adventures with my fabulous friends.

And then, the best thing, the very best thing about Vancouver, is that I can always count on it to rain.  What a nice fresh scent the rain brings!  What a wonderful feeling to play under the splatter of water!  What soothing sounds the pitter patter of falling rain drops make on the ground!

Sometimes, the best things in life aren’t the ones we work at (sometimes it is); the best thing is to just stop and appreciate the inevitable course of nature and watch the sky as it changes from brilliant sunshine to essence of life falling from above.

Splish Splash

The rain in back in Vancouver.  Surprise, surprise!

There’s not much to this one.  I was a Dressew, I saw the vinyl fabric for sale at $5 a metre, so I bought enough to make a circle skirt and sewed on a elastic band.  The whole project probably took me less than an hour from start to finish.

So the creation of this wasn’t the exciting part, but I do look forward to twirling around in the rain in this while splashing around in my rainboots.

Okay, Cupcake!

Among many crafts I make, I consider the art of cooking quite a complex craft.  I took a cooking course when I first moved out of my parents’ house, assuming that having my own kitchen meant finally being able to prepare foods that *I* liked.  I can’t say that I’ve been making home cooked meals very often… I just hate cleaning up afterward.  However, what I do spend some time on is baking.

Baking is very easy.  Just measure the ingredients, whip them together, and set it in the oven.  Most of the time, clean-up is minimal; just wash the mixing bowl, measuring cups, and spatula, and TA DAAAAA!  About 30 minutes after something goes into the oven, out comes something soft and gooey and absolutely delicious.

And of course, no kitchen nor baking task would be complete without an apron.

Why yes, that is an apron that is both cute *and* useful!

I <3 Sushi

It’s hard to avoid sushi when living in Vancouver.  I’ve only met one person who has never tried sushi (until he met me!) despite living in Vancouver his whole life.  Now, I get that the concept of raw fish squicks people out… but sushi isn’t all raw fish.  For newbies, there are california rolls and tamago nigiri.  The following are delicious-looking, but non-edible sushi inspired pillows:

The “rice” is made with jersey knit; the toppings are cotton.  Both pillows are stuffed with polyester fill.

This last sushi pillow is just cotton fabric from my local fabric shop.  Since I used a pillow form for this one, I sewed a zipper at the bottom for easy removal when washing.

Bon appetit!