Stencils and Patches – Thai Fisherman Pants

Finally, something crafty that I had been working on that’s not jewelery and/or polymer clay:

Stenciled Thai Fisherman Pants (3)

Stenciled Thai Fisherman Pants (4)

Stenciled Thai Fisherman Pants (1)

Stenciled Thai Fisherman Pants (2)

When I was shopping for clothes made of natural fiber a couple of weeks ago, I came across a pair of “sun damaged” Thai fisherman pants.  The sun damage is still noticeable, but it’s not the first thing people see when they look at my pants now!

Storm in, storm out

Summer in Vancouver is a wonderful time.  Despite the fact that I’m not an avid fan of intense heat, the weather gets everyone out and about.  I leave my house and get myself into adventures with my fabulous friends.

And then, the best thing, the very best thing about Vancouver, is that I can always count on it to rain.  What a nice fresh scent the rain brings!  What a wonderful feeling to play under the splatter of water!  What soothing sounds the pitter patter of falling rain drops make on the ground!

Sometimes, the best things in life aren’t the ones we work at (sometimes it is); the best thing is to just stop and appreciate the inevitable course of nature and watch the sky as it changes from brilliant sunshine to essence of life falling from above.

Splish Splash

The rain in back in Vancouver.  Surprise, surprise!

There’s not much to this one.  I was a Dressew, I saw the vinyl fabric for sale at $5 a metre, so I bought enough to make a circle skirt and sewed on a elastic band.  The whole project probably took me less than an hour from start to finish.

So the creation of this wasn’t the exciting part, but I do look forward to twirling around in the rain in this while splashing around in my rainboots.