Not sure if creative or just childish

For a while, I’ve been hoping to make something that’s a Futurama tribute.  I wasn’t sure what I could stir up in my brain until a thought about something so simple that it would be a breeze to do.  All I had to do was slap together a few things – a toy, polymer clay, and resin – and I’d have something that reflects my undying love for a show that has made me laugh so much over the last twelve years.  Somewhere in the whirlwind of creativity, I also had it in my head I could also combine a tribute to a book series that has taught me the meaning of friendship and bravery.

I should have known that simplicity usually isn’t in the cards when it’s something worthwhile.  The actual part of slapping together the material wasn’t the hard part… it was the gathering of the materials itself.  Actually, it was trying to find one specific item that was crucial to the project.  In my search, I have joked that finding a second-hand Harry Potter action figure has been like hunting horcuxes.  Who would have thought that it would be so hard to find a used toy?

For the past two months, I have searched every possible venue for one.  I bounced from garage sale to garage sale, from every thrift store imaginable, to dollar stores hoping that even if it’s not used, I can find an inexpensive knockoff.  I even scoured the Vancouver Flea Market for a good part of the day and came up empty handed (although, I did find Han Solo to work with for another time).  FINALLY, I found myself a Value Village, battling the kids in the toy section and found a slightly imperfect Harry Potter action figure (glasses missing).

Of course, I bought it and promptly ripped its head off.

And now, I have a double tribute: Harry Potter’s Head in a Jar.