We are just these people running around

After a not-so-brief four month hiatus, I am back to updating this website.  The last few months have been hectic with real world responsibilities, but now that I’ve finished the first term of my architecture program, I will manage to find some time to post all the things I’ve been working on.  Even though I haven’t had much of an online presence lately, I have still been working on a few projects.  Some of them are part of my class work, and others are just what I do to relax in between the panic of finishing assignments.  In the meantime, I have a blurb from one of my assignments on the topic of art and Western Civilization:

Art is an abstract reflection of culture.  Civilization is based on the foundation of culture.  Without art, civilizations would be without means of representation.  Art can encompass an extensive description.  Since the days of Warhol’s postmodernism, art can be anything that an individual values aesthetically.  It can be produced with intent, such as the Apollo of the Belvedere sculpture; this piece has few other purposes than aesthetic pleasure.  Herskovitz points out some would consider “applied art” to be a lower form of art work.  Through use, it becomes “corrupted”.  However, he asserts that “art has to be considered as a beautification of ordinary life”.  If art is meant to be interpreted by its viewers, intent of the artist becomes less of a necessity.  A Viking ship today in the British Museum is a powerful work of art, and was meant to be a tool, used extensively in its previous life, but patrons of the museum standing before the grand structure often find inspiration in its mere existence.  Art is an abstract idea that provokes emotion and thought.  Since anything can be art, as long someone appreciates the value of the beauty, be it the way a tree sways, the patterns of the foam on top of their latte, or the pieces in an art gallery, art is an intrinsic part of everyday life in Western civilization.


Source of Inspiration

Listen to Andrew McMahon (Jacks Mannequin, Something Corporate).

He has answers to a lot of life’s worries.

Another Attempt

I’ve decided to make another attempt at reviving my website.  Previous incarnations of crazycanadianloon.ca was a mixture of everything without a proper theme.  It’s still pretty hard to think of an absolutely appropriate theme for this website, but what it really boils down to is two words: Self Sufficiency.  The places I’ve been, the friends I have, and all the experiences I have had up to today is significant.  Maybe it’s not significant to anyone outside my social circle, but that’s all that really matters.  So, this website will seem like it’s still a mish mash of everything… but at the core of it, from my words to my photos to my crafty creations, it’s all about supporting myself and others around me.