Recycled Crafts: Projector Slide Necklace

There is a store called Urban Source in Vancouver that has bins and bins of recycled craft supplies.  The last time I was there, they had a bin of projector slides and I picked up a few.  I’ve coated one with resin on both sides and put it on a chain.  Aside from the resin drying time, it’s a quick and easy project.  It might even be do-able without the resin coating.

Projector Slide Resin Necklace (2)

Projector Slide Resin Necklace (4)

Projector Slide Resin Necklace (3)

Projector Slide Resin Necklace (1)



Section Updates

I’ve rearranged my Tutorials section to fall under a new Guides section.  I just got sick of looking at that almost empty section, knowing that although I’ve been doing more crafting lately, that creating tutorials is falling on the back burner.  I enjoy writing down the steps and documenting the process, but taking pictures to go along with the tutorials is incredibly time consuming.  So while I am anticipating for some bigger chunks of free time to get started on that, in the meantime I am going to work on some text-based guides like store reviews and book reviews.

I’ve already gotten started on some Local (Vancouver) Store Reviews.  At some point, I would like to put in reviews of online stores, but this is hopefully a good start to any Vancouverites who want to know which places are good for which specific things.

Paper Buses

A while ago, I was doing some research on paper crafts (for my design portfolio, if anyone was curious) and came across a blog entry from the Buzzer on paper buses.  The entry was from 2009, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to contact them to see if they still have them available, and if not then at least an online version I could print and make myself.  To my wonderful surprise, the Jhenifer Pabillano (Buzzer Editor) responded and said she had some available for me to pick up at the Translink Head Office.

Woo hoo!

Translink Fleet


Right now the fleet is sitting on my office desk waiting to be transported home.

Bus 01

As a daily user of Vancouver’s public transportation system, these are so utterly fascinating.


Life in the Modern Cage



After another year at the West Coast Dollhouse Miniature Show & Sale, I had a lot of goodies to work with. 

Got Craft?

Yep, it’s definitely closing in on Christmas with the craft fairs popping up around town.  When I was at the Make It! craft fair last weekend, I saw a postcard advertising for another craft fair for December 8th and 9th.  I took a look at the Got Craft? website and it doesn’t look like there’s too much of an overlap between the vendors.  Why not check it out and get inspired by some more ideas?

I noticed for Got Craft? that they listed some DIY workshops.  There wasn’t too much information on it, so I emailed the organizers and they let me know what I could look forward to:

Thank you for your email! We will be posting the full details on the blog in the next few weeks leading up to the event – with descriptions and times.

We have 4 different workshops taking place at this years’ event:

  • Embroidery workshop with Leanne Prain, author of Hoopla: The Art of Unexpected Embroidery (10-12pm each day)
  • Button making with Yelp (12:30-2pm each day)
  • Letterpress with Sam Bradd (3-5pm each day – info to be posted on the blog tomorrow)
  • Spool of Thread sewing lounge (10-5pm each day)

I am definitely going to check out the button making workshop!

Make It! Craft Fair

It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas, and I don’t know about other cities, but when it’s this time of year, a lot of craft fairs pop up to promote local artists and vendors.  I find that throughout the weeks, there will be quite a bit of the same vendors at different events, so if I don’t get something at one, I won’t necessarily be kicking myself for missing out on the opportunity.

At any rate, I almost missed out on the Make It! fair this weekend, if not for a prompt from a friend’s post.  I ended up going on the last day and it was crowded.  I didn’t really have a mission to buy anything; I just wanted to check out the local crafters (and poach some ideas – not to sell and make money, but so I can go home and get the satisfaction of putting together something myself).  Most of what I ended up getting were food items, which I certainly cannot make for myself at home.

Left to right, from the top:

Art print from A Cagey Bee; I saw it and I had to have it.  It’s like the artist drew a picture of what I look forward to the most on my time off from work.

Sample of Cola scented body spray from Smell This! Aromatherapy; interestingly, I only got the sample from the vendor booth (which smells just like the cola gummy candy from my youth) but ended up winning a package they donated to the silent auction.

Artisan peanut butter from Monkey Butter; I greedily tried all the samples they had, and ended up leaving with three flavours, Maple Bacon (of course!), White Chocolate Raspberry (actually better than the bacon, believe it or not), and Salted Caramel.  I’ve been mostly eating unsweeted/unsalted peanut butter, so the new flavours will put a kick onto my breakfast bagel ritual.

Seafood curry sauce and tomato chutney from Jules+Kent; I tasted the samples and really liked the tomato chutney, but we’ll have to see how the curry sauce turns out once I actually put a meal together.

Free fingerless gloves; I got these from signing up at the Yelp table, and they’re kind of ugly, especially since it says “Yelp Life” on the fingers.  Free swag is free swag, though.  I’ll have to see about re-decorating them.

Vintage photograph magnets of English Bay and Kits Beach; very simple but drew a pretty emotional response from me on how the areas I live in “used to be”.

And the last few bits… cards and information I picked up from various vendors I may consider purchasing from and/or contacting when I need gifts for people in my life.

There is another craft fair coming up soon that I will most likely attend, but I’ll blog about that in more detail later.  ‘Tis the season for local crafts!

Tick Tock

I’ve been a little busy lately, so a lot of my craft projects have fallen to the wayside.  However, with the days getting darker earlier and earlier, and the cold winds are sweeping the land, I suspect that pretty soon, all I’ll want to do is hibernate in my cave.  Then, lots of craft projects will finally see their completion.

Last weekend, I went to an art auction to support a friend.  There were quite a few fantastic items up for bid for the live auction, and plenty of interesting things up for silent auction.  I bid on a few things, and was outbid by most of them except for a “Creative Package” that was up for grabs.  I made the first bid and the last (winning) bid as well.  I actually thought I was just bidding on the book making kit and the World’s Smallest Post Service kit, but it turns out it came with a few gift certificates too.  I was pleasantly surprised because now I have gift certificates to use for some craft shops around Vancouver.

So maybe I won’t be hibernating all that much during the winter, after all.

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