A picture is worth a thousand words.  I like to travel and see new places; when I’m in a new place, I like taking photos so twenty years from now, I can still see clearly what my life was like way back when.  Pictures aren’t just for traveling though.  It’s important to take some pictures of life as it is right now, so that in the future, when everything else has changed, I can look back and see what “home” used to be like.  For me, home isn’t just a place.  It’s a feeling of comfort and belonging.  At the very basic level, Vancouver is “home”, but hanging out at the beach with my friends, swimming under the water, and the mosh pits at concerts are all home too.  I’m quite lucky to live in an age of technology where images are instantaneous and easy to share.  Even as my memory fades, I will always have my images to remind me of what life really is.



Hong Kong



Las Vegas


Fuzzy Little Creatures