115 Pender St. E
Vancouver, BC Canada V6A 1T6
(Downtown Eastside)

Blim has a good number of workshops to get a beginner started on all the different spheres of crafting and creativity.  There is a good variety, from screen printing to button making.  There are also time slots for open studios.  I took a moccasin making class here and it was very informative.  It wasn’t just about sitting there copying the instructor, but actual guidance to the process.  The instructor was also very professional and had everything ready to go and knew the answers to even the most complicated questions.  While the workshops at Blim are good, there actually aren’t many craft supplies available for purchase here.  Most of the items are actually finished products of other artists.  They are bursting with creativity and make for nice gifts, and truly inspirational pieces, but it’s still not the same as gathering supplies into your own arms and making something yourself.  The most unfortunate aspect of Blim is the location.  During the day, not a big deal, but at night, it can get unsettling.  I’m not a person who gets intimidated easily, but last time I left the workshop when it was dark outside, I felt a huge sense of unease.  It was enough not to wait for the bus to come and hail a cab instead.  It’s a great place to spend a weekend doing workshops, but it’s not a place to get craft supplies for a DIY at home.


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