Douglas Trading Post – ARCHIVE

This place closed down a while ago.  Through the grapevine, I learned that it was because the owner passed away.  RIP.  This was always an interesting shop to visit.

Douglas Trading Post

1884 Main Street
Vancouver, BC V5T 3B7
(Mount Pleasant)

This place is not for the faint of heart.  A long long long time ago, Douglas Trading Post used to be on Granville Street and I would spend my bead-obsessed youth in that store picking out beads to string together.  Sometime during my university days, it disappeared from the downtown core and I had no clue they had moved to the Mount Pleasant area until recently.  Depsite the relocation, the store is just as I remembered it: stacks of boxes surrounding the counter, random knick knacks along the walls, stock-knowledgeable but slightly grumpy owner as the only employee, and low LOW prices for beads, findings, and other fabulous and miscellaneous craft items!  Douglas Trading Post is one of these stores where you can go in a purchase a specific item you have in mind, or you can go in a browse for a while and end up not making any purchases without getting any attitude about it.  You just have to know that the owner is not one of those friendly, chatty craft store owners who is going to ask you about your craft project and make you feel like you’re SO creative with your projects.


The website is incredibly fitting for the brick and mortar store.  It’s disorganized and looks like it’s from the early 90s.  Still, when you actually get past the sight-for-sore-eyes aspect of you, you see what kinds of miscellaneous items they have for sale, and you think “Hey, I can USE that!”  So you go in and to your pleasant surprise, there are SO much more craft items that you are tempted to buy and work with.

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