Urban Source

Urban Source

Vancouver, BC V5T 3G5 ‎
(Mount Pleasant)

I’ll just come right out and say it: this is an absolute fantastic place and all crafters from Vancouver should come here to get their supplies.  Actually, regular non-crafting Vancouverites should come here to get supplies and start crafting, creative personality or not.  Hell, everyone who’s in the Vancouver vicinity should come here just to experience the joy of stepping foot into this place.  I can’t decide whether it’s a hoarder’s heaven or a hoarder’s nightmare.  There are bins and bins of amazing craft supplies that one could fill a bag full of them (literally).  One side is pay-by-the-piece and the other side are bins that one puts into a bag with different pricing points for the different sizes of bags.  I get the small bag and I am stocked for supplies for a good half year.  The best thing about this place is randomness of the materials available.  This is certainly not a place to get a specific item you have in mind to finalize a craft project, but a terrific place to get inspiration.  So many times I look at something and a project idea just lights up in my head.  They also display the projects made by the staff (and workshops?) and are quite inspirational.  You look at something and think “I can make that?  Out of this?!”  Yes, yes indeed you can.  It’s a truly unique store in Vancouver, easy on the wallet, and so inspirational.

Website: www.urbansource.bc.ca/

Local store has a small website, not surprising.  There’s not too much information on their website, but that’s the point of it.  Go into the store and see for yourself how fabulous it is.

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