LEGO® Lightsaber Earrings

Materials needed to make LEGO® Lightsaber Earrings:

Lightsaber Blade (LEGO® Part #30374)

Lightsaber Hilt (LEGO® Part #577)

The above comes in a variety of colours; best place to get these parts are from vendors on  If you want new parts, they can be found (most of the time) on the Pick-a-Brick section of LEGO’s website.

Earring findings

Jump hoops (at least 4)

Pliers (if you don’t have any handy, a nail clipper works too… but you have to be more gentle)



1) Take a jump hoop and insert it in the slightly wide side of the lightsaber hilt.  If your jump hoop is a little bigger than the hilt’s hollow area, adjust the side by pulling the ends of the jump hoop apart and bend the loop together.  Secure the hoop by dabbing superglue inside the hilt first and then insert and position the hoop.

2) Take the second jump hoop and thread it through the first hoop.  Bend the jump hoop open by pulling it to its side instead of pulling it apart (this will make it easier to close).  Thread the earring finding through the second jump hoop, and close the hoop.

3) Insert lightsaber blade into other end of the hilt.  I like to dab superglue on this end to make sure the blade stays in place, since I move around a lot, but the grip on the lightsaber blade to the lightsaber hilt is typically strong enough to hold it together.  If you would like to keep one set of hilts and change the blade colours between them, don’t glue the blades in!

4) Repeat 1 to 3 for the other earring!

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